Improve your relationships with Yūjō

Ever felt like interactions on social media were shallow and meaningless? “Likes” rarely do anything to improve or strengthen a relationship.

Start developing habits to improve and strengthen your relationships today with Yujo. An intuitive, fast and privacy-first way to improve and strengthen your relationships.

Yujo helps users improve and strengthen relationships by creating meaningful memories that build upon one another through reflection and continuity.

The Yūjō loop

Improve and strengthen your relationships with three easy steps. Yujo helps you every step of the way.

Stay in touch with Reminders and Prep Sheets

Whether it’s a birthday or simply time to get in touch, Yujo provides timely notifications on when you should reach out to make a memory with someone.

Prep sheets allow you to quickly get up to speed on any follow-ups and your last reflection so you can make the most out of your memory.

Pen Memories and Track Targets

Once you’ve gotten in touch, pen a memory to relive it in the future.

You can also keep track of how many memories you’ll make until the other person reaches a certain milestone (e.g. 18 years old and moving out for college or 65 years old for retirement).

Reflect on Improvement

Yujo provides continuity that helps users strengthen relationships by encouraging personal reflection on daily interactions or serious conversations, as well as tracking follow-up interactions that encourage continuity.

All of this is presented in an intuitive, simple-but-powerful to use interface that helps users focus on the most important thing – deepening their relationships.

Intuitive, Private, Fast

Intuitively simple

We spent a lot of time thinking about what it means to improve relationships and designed Yujo to surface only when it adds value. This makes it far more intuitive and simple compared to other apps.

Privacy by design

Yujo stores and processes all of your data on your iPhone. You own your data, not us. Yujo is completely supported by users who decide to subscribe, not by monetising your data.

Unlike most other apps, we even go one step further by not using any third-party analytics tools that send your data to a third party.

Natively built for your iPhone (and soon, your iPad)

Yujo is developed natively using Swift and SwiftUI. This means that it behaves like any other iOS app and runs fast.

Yūjō, ゆうじょう, 友情 – friendship, fellowship, camaraderie