Hello, we’re Humanis design.

We craft software that’s ergonomically designed for humans. Our first product Yūjō.

Deepen relationships with Yūjō

Deep relationships with your companions in life take a lot more than liking their posts. Yujo makes deeper 1-1 engagement simpler through timely reminders, memories and reflections.

Never drift apart, ever.

  • Regular reminders to get in touch with your friends and professional network so you don’t drift apart.
  • Get reminded of meaningful events like birthdays and friendaversaries

Continuity through reflection

  • Keep a diary of memories with friends and impressions with professional contacts for easy recollection
  • Reflect privately to gain a deeper understanding of what the relationship means to you

Privacy by design

  • Your data is stored locally on your device and backed up to iCloud
  • We do not collect any identifiable data
  • We do not use any third party analytics frameworks
  • Our product: Yujo, not You

Start nurturing meaningful relationships with your companions in life with Yujo.

Yūjō, ゆうじょう, 友情 – friendship, fellowship, camaraderie